Crystalline mugs

Crafted in the Tajimi region of Gifu, the Crystalline series is characterised by its distinctive and colourful crystalline glazes which provide the pottery surface with a delicate pattern reminiscent of blooming flowers. The random nature of the glazes gives individuality to each item, the cups were crafted with the intention of making modern customs of tea and coffee drinking more joyful, while the bowl creates a vivid centre piece for the table. The Hinoki Wood Masu saucer / coaster-lids provide a new use for an object originally used as a measuring cup for rice and other grains.



Jusengama’s products are characterized by their unique crystalline glazes, which provide the pottery surface with delicate brilliance. Many variables such as the mixture of crystalline elements in the glaze and the temperature in the kiln influence the shape of the individual crystals so that each piece comes out differently, creating a ‘product of chance’ made with clay and flame. The beauty of Jusengama original pottery has been highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally.