Nagara Collection

The prints in the collection pay homage to both the iconic Gifu Nagara river, as well as the Amida waterfalls which inspired the famous Hokusai painting of the same name.

The designs in the range, most notably the apron, take inspiration from the concept of TANMONO, the ethos behind traditional Japanese clothing, like the Kimono. Whereas western clothing is cut and sewn to a three-dimensional form, kimonos are made from fabric that is sewn flat so thatit generates almost no waste. The collection also draws on the concept of OHASHORI by which a garment can transform and adjust to the user’s size and needs by way of clever folding.



Keiz’s hometown of Gujo, often credited as being the birthplace of Japanese silkscreening, sits nestled in the the mountains of Gifu.

Since it’s founding 45 years ago, Keiz has trained many of the printmakers in Gujo. Their range of products includes shrine banners, shop ‘noren’ and ‘tenugui’ hand towels, as well as more recently the introduction of original designs and creative products.