Indigo Organic Cotton

The magic of Japanese cotton is in it’s short fibres, which are more elastic than other varieties of cotton, and have an exceptional ability to trap air. This gives fabric enhanced breathability in hot weather, insulation in cold, and also makes it particularly soft.

Every stage of the cotton’s cultivation is handled with extreme care to ensure it’s organic origins and certification. Each seed is planted one at a time, without the use of chemicals, and all weeds are removed by hand. The Sebastian Conran collection was designed to showcase the pure beauty of the material, while creating simple and useful products for the home.



Mind Group has been involved in the Gifu City textile industry for over half a century, however for the last ten years it’s focus has been on cultivating and preserving the heritage of pure organic Japanese cotton; Mind are the only company that produce fabric using only this unique material. Their ethos is as much about education and preservation as it is about production, and every part of their process involves the community. Their product ranges includes everything from babywear to clothing and accessories.