Iris collection

The Iris Collection is a celebration of the beautifully coloured and visually textured glazes and materials that are traditionally used by Japanese potters. The result is unique tableware that reflects traditional, cultural forms in modern shapes and sizes designed for the dining table of today. The colour Indigo has been used across Japan for centuries in ceramics, textiles and art, and can be seen everywhere from kimonos to the kitchen. The Iris Collection captures the beautiful depth of Sakuzan’s indigo glaze whilst creating a neutral white canvas that is a pleasure to present food on.



Nestled in the small town of Dachi surrounded by mountains in Toki City, Sakuzan’s workshop produces ceramic tableware that combines Japan’s traditions and craftsmanship with a touch of modernism. Using 100 glazes, 14 types of clay and 3 different firing methods all of Sakuzan’s products are developed and produced in-house by craftsmen who carefully make each item by hand, adding a unique human touch as well as both an aesthetic and functional beauty. Sakuzan strive to produce tableware that acts as a beautiful complement to the food that is being served, believing that ‘great flavours are nurtured by the beauty of the bowl’.