Porcelain serveware

Designed for entertaining at the modern table, this collection of sculptural serveware has been created in western and asian sizes for use with either traditional or modern food and drink. Highly tactile ceramics with a playful paper-like pattern and crystalline texture encapsulate the essence of pure Japanese porcelain that has been celebrated across the world for centuries.



Since its formation Kaneko Kohyo Pottery has been dedicated to “Monozukuri’ (meaning production) of items that add a little happiness to daily life, whilst remaining loyal to the history and tradition of Mino Ware (Japanese pottery produced in Mino Province around the towns of Toki and Mizunami in Gifu Prefecture). They hope that more people will use the handy and enriching Kohyo tableware; by putting this thought into their products Kaneko Kohyo have been and will continue to make challenging new pottery.